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Gone Home


For many generations before ours, trail markers were used to safely guide travellers in the right direction while on the trail. One had to keep a keen eye, as trail markers could be many things; arranged stones, sticks or grass, plumes of wood smoke or carved markers in trees.

There are many variations throughout the world, with some adapting their own marks to suit their environment, and themselves. Although somewhat different, they were all used for the same reasons-----To mark the trail......to show the way......to guide. 

There is one symbol that is universal. A dot surrounded by a larger circle.......This trail marker means "End of Trail--Gone Home"

Some feel life itself is best described as a trail, for it has a beginning, and end, and many turns and bends along the way.....Life is funny in that way.

This page is dedicated to those Members of our Group who have reached the end of their trail, and have gone home.


A Young Man’s Gift


God seems to have a chosen way of taking those so young into his hands to walk with him, yet leaving their lives undone.

To us it seems so selfish yet we try to think of hope, sometimes all that we can do is remember, cry and cope.

God had a plan that chosen day and took time to prepare, a way that he could take that life, yet be thoughtful, just and fair.

Although our thoughts are of him still, we think of days gone by, he’s walking now with God you see, in Valhalla way up high.

He helps in ways he learned through us, he shares our ways and dreams. God knows his choice was the perfect one, but only Brent knows what he means.

There’ll be a day for all of us when our judgement day arrives, we’ll stand before that mighty man who created all our lives.

He’ll welcome us with open arms, he’ll have all he needs to know, "Scouting molds a fine strong man, Brent Markos told me so".

So if you dream of what’s up there in that world away so far, there’s someone who’ll remember you, and has told him who you are.










My Friend Forever


It’s been a year since you went home to your final Jamboree, I still look for you and feel you near, like you’re watching over me.

I think to myself, "Be strong, grieve not, It’s the proper thing to do," but I still see sadness in others eyes, I still see pain there too.

I found it hard, no closure yet, still searching for amends, but I’ve found her here, inside this place, her spirit with her friends.

Her spirit lives with me each day, I know she’s watching now, with her strength I feel inside myself--I know, she’ll show me how.

I still see signs, a cloud, a bird, while walking on my own, I know that she’ll be here for life; that’s why I've shared this poem.

I hope we’ll meet again someday, when my judgement day arrives, I hope she’ll come and sit with me………. to relive our Scouting lives.

She’s here right now, feel her-YES! The stories she would tell…………

I hope that I can fill her shoes, and do it half as well.