1st Mount Albert Scout Group

Group News, Information, and MORE!



Group Committee Members:

 Group Commisioner:

 Gord Thompson
 Group Administrator:  Open
 Group Treasurer:  Bill Wells
 Quartermaster:  Sandra Thompson
 Secratary:  Open
 Group Registrar:  Laura Wells
 Sponsor Rep.:  Gord Thompson

Meetings 1st Monday each Month 7:30 -9:30

Mount Albert United Church--Sunday School Room.

At the Monthly Group Committee Meetings, each Section is represented by the Section Contact Leader, who reports on the previous months activities, banking, and what is planned for the months ahead. Each Contact Leader is responsible for filling out activity applications for each meeting plan which takes place "Outside" the normal meeting place (Eg--Hikes, Camps etc.)

Each Member is responsible for giving a monthly report on the duties he/she has volunteered for.

Our Group Commissioner hosts the meetings, and ensures the agenda is covered in a timely manner. Some of our monthly meetings take as long as 2 1/2 to 3 hours to complete. The Group Commissioner is also there to oversee the Group, and ensures that the proper Program Elements are included in the Program we offer. The Group Commissioner acts as a liaison between the Group, and South Lake Simcoe Area. He attends regular Area and Council meetings and provides us with upcoming events and information the Council and Area provide to the individual Groups.
The Group Commissioner can be seen at random meeting nights for all Sections. He will lend a helping hand if needed, but is there more to ensure the Policies and Procedures of Scouts Canada are being followed.

The Treasurer's looks after all the incoming and outgoing money that enters and leaves the Group's hands. Each Spring, all Scout Groups in Canada are required to recharter, a completed set of balanced books is required to do so. 

The Group Administrator prepares all the paperwork and documentation necessary which is vital in the running a Scout Group.

Our Quarter Master is responsible for all the camping gear our Group owns.............WHICH IS QUITE ALOT!!  Everything is inventoried and stored in Town, and is available for Groups to pick up when needed. Sounds easy huh?.........Well, remember I said alot?  If I posted the inventory, many would not believe the camping gear needed to support a Group our size.
Regular equipment inspections ensure that the gear is in good working order when needed.

Our Group Registrar looks after the main Group registration. When we register the Youth in the Fall, it is the Registrar's job to input the information into the National Database, and accurately maintain the numbers throughout the Scouting season.

Sponsor Rep. acts as a liaison between our Sponsor--The Mount Albert United Church, and the Group.

Parent Volunteers come to Group Committee meetings to offer help and assistance wherever they can. Their help is very much appreciated. This position is currently open, and is looking for volunteers to fill the positions.


As you can see, there are quite a few people who run our Group. Generally, with all positions filled, and all Sections represented, there is usually at least 15 Members at a meeting.

The Section Leaders, and all the Group Committee Members are Volunteers--These are not paid positions...............But it only takes an hour a week!!