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This was the shoulder flash each member of the Group was presented when we celebrated our 75th in 1999. It's interesting to still see them on uniforms now worn by younger Scouters who were not even involved in "99". Seems some Scout shirts have changed hands and been passed down over the years.


Any Members, or former Members that can help us fill in more deatils on our Group History, please feel free to contact the WEBMASTER

Our Scout group applied for their first charter, in April of 1924. Our first Scout Master was Reverend C.J. Bailey of the Mount Albert Methodist Church and he was assisted by George Buruleaur, David D. Brooks, and J.D. Rowland. They started with a Troop of 15 boys, ages 12 to 19. They were Alvin Dike, Morley Rowland, Harold DeGear, Gordon Johnson, Allan Bailey, Gordon Bailey, Earnest Davis, Frank Ross, Steward Blizzard, Thomas Blizzard, Carman Rolling, Irwin Brown, Arthur Dawson, George Allison, and Stanley Tims. You may recognize some of these boys as your Grandfather or maybe your Great Grandfather.

In 1949, Taylor Beale and Lloyd McQuaid lead the Troop for a couple of years. Then, in 1952, Alvin Dike (where have we seen this name before) and Ernie Nutt lead the Scout Troop and Len Rice lead the Cub Pack. They also formed the first Group Committee at this time with Ron Allison, George Snyder and Bill Shillinglaw.  Bill later took over as a Scout Leader and was joined by Ken Yee. During this time six boys earned their Queens Scout Award, Ted Smith, Keith Harman, Bruce Shillinglaw, David Rice, Barry Timbers, and Wes Bonner 

A Ladies Auxiliary was organized in 1969, and led by Jean Willitts as President. They raised funds for refreshment, to purchase uniforms, to assist with camps and to help with badge testing.

In 1975, the Group raised money to help send Terry Crone to the World Scout Jamboree in Norway. Then in 1977 again raised money to assist sending 8 Scouts and 2 leaders to the Canadian Jamboree in Prince Edward Island. Doug Willitts, Andy Sommer, Martin Menear, Derek Swain, Kenton Stokes, John Cupples, Jamie Slingerland, and Philip Sommer attended the Jamboree with Scout Masters Doug Johns and Bill Sanders.

 In 1985, another group of boys attended the Canadian Jamboree in Guelph, lead by Jon Donawald and John Holden. This group received some wide spread recognition for being the only group to Hike to the Jamboree. They received a plaque, which was signed by the Mayor and councilors from East Gwillimbury, Newmarket, Orangeville, and Guelph, and it was also signed by the Prime Minister Brian Mulroney.

In 1995, another group of boys participated in “Scope” an exchange program with Scouts in Philadelphia. We had several Scouts join the Aurora Troop for this trip lead by Scouter Bruce Janes. They also helped host a Camp in Orangeville the following year when the Scouts from Philadelphia joined us for weeklong event.

2001 saw a Troop of nine boys, lead by Rod Lewis and John Sanderson and Venturer Company of 7 boys, lead by Peter Young and Gordon Thompson attended the Canadian Jamboree on Prince Edward Island. Strong support from the community allowed them to charter a bus to transport all across the Confederation Bridge to PEI. We joined over 14000 other Scouts, Venturers, and Leaders at Cabot Beach Park.



As the year 2005 is suddenly upon us, and our 80th has become a reality, the Leadership Teams in place as of now can stop for a minute and know, that what they are doing.....their time they are sharing with Mount Albert's Youth Members of today, will be remembered by future Scouting generations.

To all the Members of the Group:  Be proud of who you are, and what we have become. We are very well respected within the Area and Council for all the hard work and skill our Members have provided over the years, and still provide today.

In August of 2007, the World Scouting Movement celebrates its 100th Anniversery. There are already plans in motion for a Canadian Jamboree just North of Montreal,  (CJ07) and I know Mount Albert will be there.........living Lord Baden Powell's dream, as best we can.

ON TO 100!