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Some thoughts on friends and Scouting.......


A Boys Eyes

"I'd like to be a Cub, Mom -----"
(His eyes were deepest blue)
"I'd like to learn, and play, and build
Like Jim and Freddy do."

"I know how to use a hammer;
I can drive a nail if I try.
I'm eight years old, I'm big and strong
And hardly ever cry."

I gave him the application
And the parent volunteer sheet.
(His eyes were filled with sunshine
As he left on dancing feet.)

Next day, my friend was back again,
A dejected little lad.
"I guess I'll skip the Cub Scouts."
(His eyes were dark and sad.)

"My Mom is awful busy,
She has lots of friends, you see.
She'd never have time for a Wolf Pack;
She hardly has, for me."

"And Dad is always working ----
He's hardly ever there.
To give them any more to do
Just wouldn't be quite fair."

He handed back the papers
With the dignity of eight years,
And, smiling bravely, left me
(His eyes were filled with tears.)

Do you see your own boy's eyes
As other people may?
How he looks when you're "too busy"
Or "just haven't time" today?

A boy is such a special gift ----
Why don't you realize,
It only takes a little time
To put sunshine in his eyes.

Author Unknown.......



There once was a man, who lived a dream, and showed us all a way, he shared this dream, his ways and means, until his dying day.

In months, it seemed, his movement grew, the world looked on it in awe, he humbly went upon his ways, and perfected what he saw.

Green not his goal, he carried on, his want not funds nor fame, what he wanted most to share with us was the spirit of his "Scouting Game".

There seemed no end, the members grew, he traveled far and wide, they came in droves to hear the man who’ s writings gave them pride.

"Teach them well, share what you know, It’s the proper thing to do", his voice rang out across the land, it still rings in our hearts too.

In his final years, on his last trip to his final Jamboree, he urged us all to strive, go forth, and help the Youth to see; That God’s word counts, GoForth, Work Hard, the cup is there to fill,……………..

There must have been truth in those words; it’s in our Promise still.

As important now as it was then, our Duty is to share, B.P’s Visions, his Dreams, his Game, to Youth Members in our care.

As I look round’, I welcome you, it’s good to see you here,

Please fear not, it’s quite all right, for there’s always a Leader near.

Some of your friends, who have their doubts, and think that we’re "Uncool",

Share what you know, your thoughts of good times, with all your friends at School.

Believe it or not, all of you here share something with your Leaders,

From Rovers, Venturers, Scouts and Cubs, and who can forget the Beavers.

We share a love, of hope and dreams, with a man we never knew,

Take it with you throughout your life, and know that we did too.


Written for the Scout Guide week banquet Feburary 2nd 2004


I’ve found myself a quiet place to think about a man, who changed my life, my thoughts, my views…..I’m sure you understand.

My thoughts have been about him now for a couple of months or so, and then last night God waved his hand when it was his time to go.

The time has come for all of us to think about this man....his life, his laugh, his thoughtful ways and how he made us understand.

He loved to laugh, to share a smile, his wit was sharp and keen, one had to go to Scouter’s Club to know exactly what I mean.

For those of you who knew him best, there’s so many things to say. He touched us all with a gentle hand in his very special way.

He was my friend, I loved the man, and if I can be so bold, I always gazed at his left sleeve at his service bars of gold.

As I leave this place I know these words may do little to help or heal, but I know tonight he’s with B.P.,.........
Up’ards, Howard Teal.

Written  for a friend at Great Oak Village—Woodland Trails Scout Camp
July 27th, 2006